Andrea Bennett

City Councilperson for our Neighborhoods is not an entry-level position. Howard’s years of experience have been invaluable to our community.” -Andrea Bennett, North Buckhead resident
Joe Santifer

“If you just look at a map of Buckhead, you can see the parks that Howard created or upgraded or linked. That alone would constitute an impressive legacy for any elected official. We love our new greenspace!” -Joe Santifer, Pine Hills resident
Peter Alexander

It’s called ‘The Shook Amendment.’ Howard Shook quite simply saved us from municipal insolvency by requiring more realistic contributions from city employees to the pension fund. It’s a landmark, nationally known achievement. While most elected officials are thinking small and thinking short term, Howard is doing the right things for our city and our next generation in Atlanta.” -Peter Alexander, Brookhaven resident
Amy Hillman

“I will never forget the day this past summer when my daughters came home from playing in our neighborhood and had found gun shell casings littering the roadway. Crime was getting worse in our area and while our neighborhood had raised money to have cameras installed, after many frustrating months the cameras were not connected to APD and were not working. I reached out to our Councilman, Howard Shook for assistance. Howard took the time to personally walk our neighborhood streets, talk with our residents, and understand our concerns. And not long after, those cameras were up, connected to the APD and working. Howard has consistently demonstrated that he really cares about making our community a safer place to work, live and play.” -Amy Hillman, Buckhead Forest resident
Ed Moseley

“Through Councilman Shook’s leadership, the City Council has fostered and enabled Buckhead’s high-rise communities to establish a unique voice within our NPU. We now have a clearer and stronger voice on what affects our homes and vertical communities thanks to Councilman Shook.” -Ed Moseley, Buckhead Heights resident
Leslie Ward

“As City Auditor of Atlanta for over 15 years, I worked frequently with Councilmember Shook in his roles as member and frequent chair of the Finance/Executive Committee (FEC) of the Atlanta City Council. City council members received our audit reports, and the FEC often was the committee that reviewed the reports and discussed them in public meetings. I could count on Councilmember Shook to read every audit report, to discuss his questions with me, and to ensure that the major audit issues were the focus of the committee’s discussion and related actions. I also had many opportunities to observe his leadership in guiding crucial budget decisions through the legislative process. As city residents, we are truly indebted to Mr. Shook for his vigorous oversight of the city government finances.” -Leslie Ward, former City Auditor and Atlanta resident
“Howard had years of experience working for our neighborhoods before running for City Council. He has been active in the Ridgedale Park Civic Association serving as President as well as other positions for 20 years, was a founding community representative on the Buckhead Area Transit Association board (BATMA, now Livable Buckhead, LLC), and due to his awareness of Buckhead sanitary sewer issues became personally interactive with the U. S, Department of Justice. Hands-on experience matters. His track record in office reflects his earlier preparation and ability to hit the ground running.” -Lee Morris, Fulton County Commissioner, District 3, former Atlanta City Councilman District 7 and Atlanta resident

Lee Morris

“I got to know Howard through his work to add more parks and green space in Buckhead, as well as the creation of Livable Buckhead. This organization is spearheading projects such as PATH400, which has been a game-changer in Buckhead. They are also working with Howard and the City to acquire more park acreage, and creating a more sustainable Buckhead. The Howard I know is an established leader and gets things done for Buckhead.” -Dwight Bell, Peachtree Heights East resident

Dwight Bell

“It used to be that traffic impact fees for projects in Buckhead funded sidewalks elsewhere in the city. Howard came to me shortly after I was elected to the Georgia General Assembly, and together we worked on and passed legislation ensuring that traffic impact fees are spent in our impacted areas, not siphoned away.-Edward Lindsay, former Georgia House of Representatives, Majority Whip, Brookhaven resident

Edward Lindsay

“I’ve been active in North Buckhead and NPU-B for 17 years. Howard was able to convert our Neighborhood-protective recommendations into Law. Enforceable Law. These are protections that matter to our neighborhoods, and Howard made them stick.” -Walda Lavroff, North Buckhead resident


“It’s important to have a councilperson who informs and involves neighborhoods on matters of impact to them. Howard always seeks neighborhood input on zoning and development matters that impacts neighborhoods. His votes support the neighborhood’s positions and he lobbies other council members to do the same.” -Kathleen Moriarty, Peachtree Hills resident and former President, Peachtree Hills Civic Association

Kathleen Moriarty

“Howard has been very instrumental in obtaining funding for installation of security cameras as well as cameras with license plate readers on the Buckhead area which have added additional “eyes” to enable the Police to better monitor activities in Buckhead.” – Charles Meriwether, Garden Hills resident

Charles Meriwether





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