Dear Neighbors,

Action and accountability.  Transparency and responsiveness.  These are not just words for campaign season.  They’re the reasons I have A TRACK RECORD THAT MATTERS.


Improving police and firefighter pay and hiring more officers   –   spending $350K for anti-crime cameras and license plate readers in our neighborhoods   –   steering the relocation of Police Precinct Two’s HQ to Buckhead   –   raising pensions for officers wounded catastrophically in the line of duty   –   targeting bond money to renovate our neighborhoods’ fire stations   –   taming the once-infamous “East Buckhead Village Nightclub Scene.”  Your safety must be Atlanta’s most important investment.


Securing millions for advanced-tech traffic signal coordination and for new sidewalks, traffic signals, crosswalks, traffic-calming streets and speed humps   –   completing the “missing ramps” connecting I-85 and GA400   –   targeting bond money to ease traffic through our worst, clogged-up, most dangerous intersections, update school crossing beacons, and resurface miles of streets   –   spending transportation impact fees in the area of the fee-paying project, to stop siphoning traffic-fixing money away from Buckhead   –   mandating a pedestrian focus for our commercial and retail areas   –   strategically placing pedestrian plazas.  We have begun the move away from Manhattan-density-with-Alpharetta-parking development.


Adding more city parks, trails and other green spaces than in all the years since Buckhead joined Atlanta in 1952   –   developing the PATH400 Greenway Trail and planning the Blueway Trail to the Blue Heron Preserve   –   establishing the BeltLine’s funding mechanism.  With careful stewardship and targeted investments, we are narrowing District 7’s ‘park deficit’ compared to the rest of the City.


Giving the city noise ordinance teeth by reinstating ‘naked-ear’ based citations and by purchasing noise meters   –   successfully opposing a bid to restore late-night drinking in Buckhead’s clubs and another bid to tolerate more noise by adding two hours to ‘daytime’ hours   –   ending ‘sweetheart’ parking for nightclubs   –   eliminating all heavy industrial from District 7.  We can balance urbanity with comfort.


Upholding every neighborhood recommendation on zoning and never losing a Council vote regarding one   –   requiring City Hall to notify property owners of changes to the Comprehensive Development Plan that would affect them   –   writing specific neighborhood-recommended protections into law   –   lengthening NPU review time from 30 to 45 days   –   creating Atlanta’s first officially designated “vertical neighborhood,” Buckhead Heights   –   derailing a proposed WalMart in the district   –   working with neighborhood associations to control erosion and flooding and manage recreation center renovation   –   restraining development to a previously agreed-upon lower density   –   easing building permit red tape for homeowners’ small projects   –   funding our 311 system to track city responsiveness to your needs and to highlight bottlenecks.  City Hall works for you, not the other way around.


boosting Council oversight of the administration’s pay & personnel actions (enacted with a veto override!)   –   ending perks lavished by special interests and developers on elected officials and city employees   –   requiring lobbyists’ registration   –   setting up an autonomous ethics commission   –   co-chairing the Committee on Waste and Efficiency, with recommendations already implemented saving the city millions, from reformed purchasing practices to something as simple as motion-activated office lights at City Hall.  It’s your money.


Serving 14 years on the Finance Committee, 5 years as chair, steering the city from impending insolvency to just one notch shy of AAA bond ratings   –   never voting to increase property taxes   –   reforming city pensions so that employees contribute to future investment shortfalls, the “Shook Amendment”   –   insisting on outside financial expertise and top-to-bottom review in 2008 when the Finance Department couldn’t seem to add 2 + 2   –   making Budget Commissioners personally liable for intentional revenue over-anticipation   –   decreasing City Council members’ ‘discretionary’ spending   –   requiring  restricted reserves for ‘rainy days’   –   posting the budget on-line for your review and submitting it earlier to Council for hearings   –   sponsoring tighter, more transparent procedures for emergency procurements   –   opening up findings of vendor conflicts-of-interest   –   requiring funding sources be identified for off-budget expenditures   –   outsourcing worker’s compensation and employee timekeeping   –   selling off ‘assets’ like Underground, City Hall East, and (soon) the Civic Center   –   voting against taxpayer subsidies for the new stadium.  We have finally turned a corner, demonstrated by 2017’s historic unanimous budget vote that both rolled back the millage and targeted public safety increases.  You deserve good value for your taxes.

My TRACK RECORD reflects YOUR PRIORITIES.  Having a long history in this community – raising my kids here, four terms working hard as your Councilman, 10 years of hands-on experience working for neighborhoods even before first standing for election – is the reason I know what your priorities are. I know the sidewalk you’ve called about because I’ve actually walked it. I know what a miscalculated water bill looks like because I’ve actually gotten one. I know the tree cover you care because I’ve actually walked down your street.

My TRACK RECORD is this: I have made substantial, measurable progress on the things that matter to you.

Your neighbor,

Howard Shook




Paid for by the Howard Shook campaign.  No government funds were used.